Devinci Road Bikes

Devinci Bikes is a Canadian bicycle manufacturer established in 1987 by two engineering students.  Today Devinci's creative engine revs under one roof including a state-of-the art on-bike testing system which measure every stress and strain in real life situations.  Changes to a particular design can be prototyped, test, tweaked, and re-tested in days!  Having "Made in Canada" stamped on a frame is a driving factor at Devinci.

Road Bicycles are made for traveling on road at speed. Unless of course you want to travel on dirt - over obstacles - at speed then you need a cyclocross bike.  Either way you have options.


Here are a selection of the Devinci Bikes available at Bike Barn - for a complete selection visit!


Silverstone SL 4


Leo 105, Leo 105 Fulcrum, Leo 105 Disc

$2049 - $2499

Leo SL Ultegra, Leo SL Ultegra Disc, Leo SL Ultegra Di2

$3199 - $479

Leo Tiagra


Leo Ultegra



Leo SL Dura-Ace, Leo SL Dura-Ace Di2

$5599 - $7499



Hatchet S


Hatchet SX


Hatchet XP


Tosca SX