Fairdale Hybrid Bikes

Fairdale was founded in 20120 as the brain child of world champion BMXer Taj Mihelich.  After many years as a pro rider Taj partnered up with long time sponsor Odyssey BMX to create the Fairdale brand; a brand focused on making "adult" bikes that will give the same sense of joy that you had when riding as a child.

Hybrid bicycles blend characteristic from more specialized road bikes and mountain bikes.  The resulting "hybrid" is a general purpose bit that can tolerate a wide range of riding conditions and applications.  Comfort Hybrids provide the ride with the most comfort and ease of use while a performance hybrid can give a rider the speed and sensation of riding a road bike.  Their versatility makes them an excellent option for many riders of varying goals and abilities.


Here are a selection of the Fairdale Bikes available at Bike Barn - for a complete selection visit Fairdalebikes.com!







Weekender MX






Weekender Archer