Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bicycles are made for off road cycling.  Mountain bikes are typically ridden on mountain trails, fire roads, logging roads, single tracks and other unpaved environments. These types of terrain commonly include rocks, washouts, ruts, loose sand, loose gravel, roots, and steep grades.


26" Mountain Bikes

26" Mountain Bikes are the tried and true style of mountain bike - although newer trends include 27.5" and 29" bikes.  26" mountain bikes are great for their easy acceleration and agility.

27.5" Mountain Bikes

27.5" Mountain Bikes, also referred to as 650b, are the most recent addition to the mountain biking world.  Viewed as the perfect middle it offers the agility of the 26" with the speed of the 29" mountain bikes.

29" Mountain Bikes

29" Mountain Bikes are the billy goat of the biking world with the tallest wheel option. They are known for their slow acceleration but fast top end speed and ease of climbing rocks and roots on the trails. 


Plus Size and Fat

Plus Size and Fat Mountain Bikes have tires wider than a traditional mountain bike ranging from 2.8" to 5.0". They offer more traction and a cushy ride opening the riding season to the winter snowy months.