Youth Bikes

You're never too young!

Balance Bikes

Balance Bikes are how to teach any child who can walk to ride a bike - it is the new training wheels! It is best to watch videos and see for yourself, watch the one on this site and check out youtube if you still aren't convinced! As with all of our bikes stop by with your little one for a test ride anytime.


Youth Bikes

Biking is a right of passage from your first days on a balance bike or with training wheels till that sweet feeling of freedom when you learn the true art of biking with just two wheels.  We can help you find the exact bike for every kid no matter their size or abilities.


20" and 24" Mountain Bikes

Mountain Biking doesn't have to be just for the grown ups!!! 20" and 24" Mountain Bikes come equipped for all sizes and skill levels - it is never too early to learn how to properly shift a bike and make your way up the neighborhood hill or cruise some trails in our local parks.