Our Bike Brands

Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bicycles are made for off road cycling.  Mountain bikes are typically ridden on mountain trails, fire roads, logging roads, single tracks and other unpaved environments. These types of terrain commonly include rocks, washouts, ruts, loose sand, loose gravel, roots, and steep grades.


26" Mountain Bikes

26" Mountain Bikes are the tried and true style of mountain bike - although newer trends include 27.5" and 29" bikes.  26" mountain bikes are great for their easy acceleration and agility.

27.5" Mountain Bikes

27.5" Mountain Bikes, also referred to as 650b, are the most recent addition to the mountain biking world.  Viewed as the perfect middle it offers the agility of the 26" with the speed of the 29" mountain bikes.

29" Mountain Bikes

29" Mountain Bikes are the billy goat of the biking world with the tallest wheel option. They are known for their slow acceleration but fast top end speed and ease of climbing rocks and roots on the trails. 


Plus Size and Fat

Plus Size and Fat Mountain Bikes have tires wider than a traditional mountain bike ranging from 2.8" to 5.0". They offer more traction and a cushy ride opening the riding season to the winter snowy months.


Road Bikes

Road Bicycles are made for traveling on road at speed. Unless of course you want to travel on dirt - over obstacles - at speed then you need a cyclocross bike.  Either way you have options.

Gravel and Cyclocross Bikes

Gravel and Cyclocross are the fastest growing genres of bicycling.  Gravel biking is the art of taking the road bike onto the back roads - the gravel and dirt roads you find on every long bike ride are no longer off limits.

Cyclocross is a bike of many skills - it has features that allow it to be good on pavement, wooded trails, grass, steep hills all while being light enough to let the truly dedicated compete over obstacles requiring the rider to quickly dismount and carry the bike while navigating the obstruction and remount. This bike is for someone looking to own one bike but be able to ride it all!

Raleigh Maverick Comp Riding 2.jpg

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bicycles blend characteristics from more specialized road bikes and mountain bikes.  The resulting "hybrid" is a general purpose bike that can tolerate a wide range of riding conditions and applications - their versatility makes them an excellent option for many riders of varying goals and abilities.


Comfort Hybrid

Comfort Hybrids are exactly what their name says -  they provide the ride with the most comfort and ease of use. The right choice for any rider.

Performance Hybrid

Performance Hybrids give a rider the light weight speed and sensation of riding a road bike with the comfort and simplicity of a flat handle bar.

Dual Sport Hybrid

Dual Sport hybrids are a category with mountain bike roots and include a front suspension fork meant for comfort and maybe some off road paths!

Pedal Assist Electric Bikes

Pedal Assist Electric Bikes have a very unique feature - Some call this the smile button - for us less crafty folks we recognize it as an ON switch.  These bikes are simple to use - there is no throttle, the harder you work the more help you get.  These bikes are hard to describe as they are more fun than can ever be put into words - please stop by for a test ride - they will change your view of the entire biking world.  These bikes bring joy to even the most avid biker but can also provide a confidence boost to any novice biker.

Save yourself some sweat and just stop in for a test ride!


BMX Bikes

Not all bikes are created equal and in our BMX category we have bikes rugged enough to take any jump, twist, turn, or fall you can throw at it. With pegs, or without, With a gyro, or without, these bikes are ready to be ridden around town or off the extremes and then tuned-up customized with some new grips, pedals, and pegs, and ready to go again.

Specialty Bikes

Specialty Bikes include Tag-Along Bikes, Tandem Bikes, Folding Bikes, and Unicycles. But also, Trikes, Recumbants, and larger Strider Balance Bikes.  Each of these categories are as fun to ride as any typical two-wheeled bike, many of them can be used to expand the bicycling world to people that may struggle with strength, balance, or other abilities many associate with cycling. Stop by the shop if you need help figuring out what works best for you, a friend, or a family member - young or old!