More than just a bike shop.

Bike Barn Cycling and Fitness is a full service bike shop with year round sales and services.  Come to us for all your needs from a flat tire to a complete overhaul, brake adjustments, derailleur adjustments, wheel truing, and anything you can think of.  Our mechanic has been involved in all aspects of the bicycle industry - he grew up in a family bike shop, raced bikes, and was a bike manufacturer representative!  Now, with decades of bicycle experience, he can get you our and riding again.  Stop by anytime for a free estimate - no appointment required!


Some of the services we offer are listed below, but an estimate can be provided for any repair any time: 



STARTING AT $69 (Starting at $49 BMX)

  • Clean & Degrease Frame and Drivetrain
  • Adjust Front & Rear Hubs
  • Truing of Wheels (On-Bike)
  • Lubricate Chain & Derailleur Pivots
  • Lube All Frame Pivot Points
  • Adjust Bottom Bracket
  • Adjust Headset
  • Lube all Cables & Housing
  • Inspection of Brake Pads
  • Adjust Front & Rear Brakes
  • Adjust Front & Rear Derailleurs
  • Inspection of Suspension Systems
  • Air Tires to Recommended PSI
  • Clean & Degrease Rim Braking Surfaces
  • Final Test and Spray Polish of Frame



The more complete overhaul includes all of the tune-up plus:

  • Repack Hubs with Waterproof Grease
  • Repack Bottom Bracket with Waterproof Grease
  • Repack Headset with Waterproof Grease
  • Truing of Wheels (Off Bike on Truing Stand)
  • Touch Up of Minor Frame Imperfections



Nothing is more disappointing then getting all ready for a bike ride to go out to the garage and find your bike has a flat tire - or worse realizing in the middle of a ride that you have a flat.  Let us help - we can supply just the tube or we can do all the work for you- bring us the whole bike or just the wheel.  A quick stop by the shop and you will be out riding!


Wheel Truing


Wheel Truing is a process of tightening and loosening spokes to create a perfectly round wheel with no wobble.  Hitting bumps or curbs may cause a wheel to go out of true and this may cause interference with the brakes but more importantly causes the wheel to become less strong.  It is always safest to ride with true wheels.        .


Bicycle Pickup & Delivery


For those with busy schedules, we understand.  That is why we offer pickup and drop off on most repairs! Upon calling our store just let us know that you have a repair to be picked up and we will pick up your bike!

  • pickup/delivery charge determined by distance (i.e. within 10 miles ~$20)
  • $45.00 minimum repair charge for pickup/delivery

We will then make the necessary repairs that we have discussed with you and drop it back off.   Who does not like saving time and money?

bikebox (1).jpg

New Bike Build and Tune

Starting at $45 (Starting at $27 BMX)

If you did not purchase your bike at the Bike Barn that's ok - we can still get you off to the right start by assembling your bike and getting it tuned! We will assemble your bike including:

  • Tighten all bolts to recommended torque
  • Align Handlebars and Stem
  • Adjust Front & Rear Brakes
  • Adjust Front & Rear Derailleurs
  • Air Tires to Recommended PSI

Brake and Derailleur Adjustments

Starting at $9

Sometimes something just doesn't feel right while you are out biking - the brakes feel too soft and take forever to stop or you cannot get the gears to shift at just the right moment.  Many of these issues can be resolved quickly and easily at your local bike shop.  Stop by and have your bike looked at anytime - no appointment required!                  .

Bicycle Storage

Starting at $30 per month

Winters in the Albany area can be brutal - and many of us need a place to store our bike until the biking weather returns.  Let us do all the work - we can store your bike in our climate controlled and safe environment.  Drop your bike off anytime and give us a call 3 days before you want it back and we will get the dust wiped off and air in the tires.


Bicycle Packing and Shipping

Starting at $45 + Shipping

Don't let vacation ruin your biking mojo - take it with you!

We will disassemble your bike, box it, and ship it to a destination of your choice - send it to a bike shop in your destination for them to re-assemble and your bike we will be ready for riding when you get there!


Dirty Bike Fee


Let us give your bike the attention it deserves - if your bike looks like the image above when you are done riding hose it off before bringing it in for maintenance and repair. This will allow us to expedite repairs while keeping our quality of work high - and the shop looking good!